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In order to improve performance at work, the leader has to create an environment that promotes it, one that is strategically set-up for people to succeed. All too often, I see leaders at both the manager and supervisor level, Jordan 7 Olympic 2012 focusing most of their time on the work tasks and not enough time on the people themselves. I see many of them focusing on timelines, quality of the product, whether enough work is getting done in the allotted time, etc. When trying to improve performance at work, I believe that the best choice is to focus on the people.

Everything is important but there is nothing more important than the people who are doing the work. Believe or not, the people doing the work are more important than the customer in many cases because customers can not be taken care of without them. Jordan 7 2012 I would love to go into this more but let's stick with ways to improve performance at work. Today, I'm only going to be sharing three tips that I have personally used in the workplace.

The first way to improve performance at work is to Create a Culture of Transparency. This means to create an environment where people will always be honest and upfront with others in the workplace. Choosing to never tell a lie or try to jerk someone else's chain. It means being honest to the point of telling people what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear no matter how much it hurts. By doing this, credibility and trust will be built with their people and they will begin to do the same. People will always work harder and better for a leader that they trust and respect than they would for someone that they didn't. Think about it, Jordan 7 Raptors would you really go the extra mile for a supervisor that you didn't like? The best leaders improve performance at work by focusing on building trust.

The second tip is to "Hold People to a Higher Standard Than They Do Themselves". Jordan Raptor 7 2012 Just like when I was younger, most people don't realize how much they can really accomplish. People like to over complicate things and even fear small things that need to happen in the workplace on a day to day basis. In my opinion, the worst thing people can do is believe that they can not do certain tasks no matter how simple they are or can be.

Leaders need to hold people to a higher standard. If they don't, Retro 7 Raptors some people may never grow and some may never become leaders. Some people may quit and even choose to walk away because they didn't see what is possible for them. Sometimes a leader has to be there to throw people in the deep end of the pool so they can learn how to swim and expand their comfort zone. Leaders have a duty and responsibility to show people what they are truly capable of.

Last and certainly not least, the leader should "Make It Okay That Their People Make Mistakes." From what I have seen in all of my years in management is that people don't really like to make mistakes. Much of this has to do with what we are taught in school. In school, Jordan 6 Olympic For Sale if people make a mistake on a test they lose points. If people collaborate with others on a test it's called cheating. This has caused most people to associate pain with making mistakes.