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Small molecules: reduces blood lipid, blood pressures and candyWith super-strong dissolution power, emulsifying power, and penetrating power, the energy water dissolves fat and cholesterol in blood vessels and gastrointestinal parts dissolved and emulsified, expel the waste, dissolve the cholesterol, lower the blood viscosity and reduce the three-high (high blood fat, candy and pressures). The Energy water develops miraculous effects on arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, cardiovascular disease, Olympic 7S 2012 fat-burning and slimming, etc.4. Compliments the elements of life: Trace elements and mineralsThe aerospace ceramic cores adopted by the Nano Energy Flask is capable of releasing iron, zinc, iodine, calcium and other various minerals and trace elements that are essential to the human body, all of which are in ionic condition and they are not only extremely easily absorbed into the body,but also can add a variety of micro - elements, catalyzing and activating the driving force of life!5.

High in oxygen: Improves sleep qualityThe aerospace ceramic cores adopted by the Nano Energy Flask has countless small crystalloids, and permanently release negative ions,activating cells, purifying the blood, regulating gastrointestinal system,improving sleep, implementing the oxygen needed by human brain and muscles. If you drink it for long term, the immunity will be brought down. The Nanometer Energy Cup can change the common purified water into nanometer activated water by the activation of Pearl calcium ion and Energy stone, which can release far infrared ray and negative ion, thereby causing the syntony of water molecules, Retro Jordan 7 Olympic For Sale releasing mineral element (such as Ca, Mg, K, Na ), and changing the common purified water into nanometer activated water. Chrateristic and Function: 1. They can remove Chlorine and Heavy metals, when you put the water into the bottle 3minutes, the Chlorne and odors is removed! Improve taste of water with beneficial minerals! 2. It could help to release mineral element(Such as Ca, Mg, K)! 3. It could raise the pH to 9.0 or higher and change the water into Micro Cluster water! Which is easy to be absorpted by human body. 4. If you drink these energy water sufficient quantities, , it could help to promote weight loss! 5. The ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) is about -200mV! Help to slow down aging, increase energy, keep healthy! 6. It is small! You could take it with you wherever and whenever! Good for home and travel! They are the best gift of your friends and family!

The best partner of health care products! Be vacuum cup made with 304 stainless steel. Small in size (about 420ml Capacity), light in weight and convenient to carry on. With our functional cup, you can enjoy healthy energy water wherever and Whenever you are! Functions and effect: 1. Increase antioxidant effects and immune system. Lowering blood sugar, decreade fat and Cholesterol. 2. Good effect to those people: Constipation and high blood pressure patients. 3. Reduce fatigue, also have good effect to gout, muscle pain. 4. Could coordinate the people who is in adolescent growth and development. 5. Promote the circulation of the blood and the fluids, Air Jordan 4 Cavs Retro Sale help us keep the waste and toxins out OS our body. 6. Supplemented with mineral group, I. E Calcium, can turn the acidic body into alkaline. 7. Alkaline restored water can increase our immune system fo that we can prevent various diseases. We mainly recommend the following people to drink: 1. high blood pressure, high blood lipids and high blood glucose 2. lacking in Calcium 3. Poor digestive function 4. bathroom odor seriois 5. Drunk 6. Insomnia 7. Physically weak and always feel tired 8. Rough skin ans allergic skin 9. Obesity 10. Rheumatic pain 11. Not easy to heal wound 12. lack og concentration 13. Constipation 14. Diarrhea 15. Cold hands and feet How to use: 1. Before using, put in bottle, fill with water, shake vigorously for 1 minute and empty. 2. Fill bottle, shake about 10 times, wait 15 minutes. The longer the water sits with the filter submerged, the stronger the ionization and the higher the pH. 3. Best to drink freshly made ionized water. 4. You may dry the filter between uses if you wish. 5. Use one filter for a bottle of 500ml. Use two filter for 1L bottle, or more filter for faster, stronger ionized drink water. If you leave the filter submerged overnight, you had better not drink them because may the consistant of the water may be changed. 6. Best to drink freshly made ionized water, and drink often!

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