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Most webmasters, whether they are experienced or not, know the importance of promoting your website with articles. Unfortunately, many beginners do not realize the importance of a well-written article. Of course you can throw some words together and name your slop something but most article directories will reject it and who would read it anyway? As a professional ghostwriter, Webmaster and owner of three article directories, Jordan 12 Obsidian I see the type of articles that people submit and I will tell you, it is discouraging.

Before you even start your article, keep in mind that optimization wins the search engine rankings whether in an article or in your actual website. Quality key word optimized articles are very important. With this in mind, follow these steps to write your first quality key word optimized article to promote your website.Come up with one main keyword or keyword phrase and one secondary. You will integrate these keywords into your article for optimization. These keywords do not have to be exactly the same every time. Your keyword could be ,white Nike shoes, if you use the phrase ,my white shoes are Nikes, Jordan 12 Obsidian For Sale or something similar it will be just as advantageous. For a 400-word article, I recommend using your main keyword or variation of it about 6 times. If possible try to put your main keyword into your title.

Write a description. This can be anywhere from one sentence to one large paragraph. The description will be the first thing people read so try to make it catchy. Many webmasters just write the full article and use the first paragraph as their description. Jordan 12 Obsidian 2012 Most directories will deny an article that has the same description as the first paragraph of the article. If you decide not to write a description and you just use the first paragraph, be sure not to include the first paragraph in the actual article body. That brings up to the next step.

Writing the body. There are a few things you absolutely must know you are to be successful promoting your website with articles. One of the main reasons I reject articles in my directories is for no spaces between paragraphs. If cannot stress this enough. Jordan 6 Olympic You must have a space between each paragraph. Next, you never indent your paragraphs. We are not writing letters in school. When writing an article to promote your site, do not indent anything. Next, grammar, you do not have to have a degree in English to write an article that looks good. Most people misspell words on occasion. authors area. Writing a quality, key word optimized article that people will love to read will not do you any good without a link to your site.

The resource box gives you the opportunity to tell your readers about you and your website. You can just put a standard link to your site in this area but search engines put your link text into consideration so it is always better to use html if the directory accepts it and use the main keyword for your site as the link text. Jordan 6 Olympic 2012 The last thing you need to know about the resource box is that overdoing it could cause negative results. When a publisher browses through articles to post on his or her website, blog, newsletter or e-zine among many other things they are looking at the number of outgoing links in the resources box.

Keep the number of outgoing links in your resource box to a minimum of two or less for best results. Jordan 6 Olympic For Sale The quicker you understand the information in this article and put it to use, the quicker your website will achieve top search engine ratings. You registered the domain, learned the basics and got your ftp setup. You came up with some content and now your site is presentable.