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I shouldn't have to be including this link in the comments. If Cecilia were doing unbiased reporting, she would have mentioned it in the story. Even Mr Glass may find down the road as the telcos get greedier that his ISP is no longer able to provide connectivity, when they decide they want his customers also, and no longer need his services. Right now I pay comcast for a 6 meg line and there are many times that my connection is less than 500k. You call them and they seam to care less.

There's a Plaza Premium Lounge in LCCT at KUL (and also another in the main terminal). I've not been to the LCCT one, but I think it's very similar to the one in the main terminal, which I have been in a few times. You can get a shower (they'll provide towels and shower gel), which I find nice between long flights. They have a large number of chairs, some with power points, some comfy sofa like ones, some at tables etc. There are a small number of newspapers (not a great selection though), some magazines, and a TV or two. There should also be a few massage chairs, but they're very popular. There is WiFi available, and a few computers to use. Food and drink wise, there ought to be a handful of different simple hot meals available, mostly Malaysian style, along with some snacks and fruit. There's beer, soft drinks, coffee etc It's certainly not a high-end lounge like you get with a lot of the big flag carriers, but it's certainly above average for third party lounges.

A look at summer festivals and events in and around the south-metro area:FARMINGTON SOYBEAN FESTIVAL: The second annual festival celebrates the ubiquitous legume with music, tractor rides, street dances, a parade, a soy farming expo and more. Thursday through Sunday, various locations. PAUL DAYS: Carnival, car show, street dance, citywide garage sale and more. Now through Sunday Saturday on Robert Street from Emerson Avenue to Haskell Street Pre Order Jordan 13 Bred. Also, cultural activities including storytelling, calligraphy and face painting. Part of the Pan Asian Arts Festival.

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