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Bring The Bad Boy Back To Sports

Unless you are a Bulls fan, chances are that you think Noah is a floppy haired, screaming, annoying fool. And he is. But we need him. Tony Montana had it right all along We need someone to point at and say: the bad guy. /> Bad boy controversy unites and divides Guys like that make sports matter. They divide people in their opinion, but unite them in the fact that they care so much about that opinion. John McEnroe was a grown man who pissed and moaned about calls like a 5 year old who didn get the candy bar he wanted. We loved him for it. Or hated him
Air Jordan 9 Cool Grey 2012. Either way, he had our attention. We use the phrase to hate when describing these individuals. We love to hate them because they are so eclectic that we can turn away, even if we can stand them.

Today, these athletes are a dying breed. Our politically correct culture, coupled with around-the-clock media coverage, has scared everyone off. Classless
Jordan 9 Cool Grey. Showboat. Clown. Diva. Disrespectful. Thug Jordan 9 Cool Grey 2012 Release Date. Even when we see athletes have a rare moment of emotion, someone will undoubtedly get offended and they will end up apologizing.

Bad boys don apologize Glenn Baby Davis hit the biggest shot of his life and barely brushed up against some kid on his way back to the bench. The dad called Davis a animal and demanded an apology. Davis should have told the guy to shove it. Instead he lived up to his infantile nickname and actually apologized for the event.

We need someone who will tell it like it is. Somebody who tells the guy to shut up and enjoy his thousand-dollar seats. We need more bad boys. I want to see Tiger Woods sink a putt, look over at Mickelson and do the Sam Cassell cojones dance
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